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Vitamax supplement produced by Boon Vanit International and imported to Israel by Rafi Sahara Inc. -moshavAchituv .

Fertilizers for farming

Selling of all types of fertilizers for agricultural use

Quality cartons

Selling and delivery of all types of cardboard for agricultural use

Quality materials

Selling of all types of pest control for all types of agricultural products

Polyethylene sheeting for agricultural use

Polyethylene sheeting for agricultural use

Highest Quality Seeds

About the company"Rafi Sahara Ltd" was founded in 1995 and is owned by Mr. Nissim Rafae .Ahituv. Engaged in a wide range and comprehensive agricultural inputs including: pesticides, fertilizers, technical equipment, packaging, polyethylene cover greenhouses, seeds, soil disinfectants, marketing machines agricultural tractors, sprayers and agricultural equipment accompanying ... More Details >>>

All our products meet the highest levels of quality
The individual customer gets the supreme value
The company has the most professional team has extensive experience ...
Commitment to continued innovation and import of products to improve agriculture in Israel !

Our Products

Rafi company Sahara Ltd. specializes in the sale and supply of pesticides , fertilizers , technical equipment , packaging , polyethylene cover greenhouses , seeds , soil disinfectants , marketing, agricultural machinery , tractors , sprayers and agricultural equipment Nlooh..atzlno a wide range of high quality products .

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